The intellectual elites of Alera. Teachers (Maestros), lore-masters, historians, etc. The Academy is the finest school in all of Alera and houses many of the worlds most renowned scholars.

Must have: Investigate, Scholarship


A member of one of Alera’s many standing armies. The Legions are usually divided up based on Furycrafting ability: Knights Ignus, Aeris, Ferrous, Flora, Terra or Aqua.

Must have: Strength or Endurance, Fight or Shoot


Scouts generally work as messengers and often travel to the far ends of Alera delivering reports, documents and news. Most Scouts are strong Windcrafters that are highly skilled at flying.

Must have: Flying or Riding


Most rangers are from Steadholds. They grew up far from cities and know the lay of the land better than anyone.


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