Ashes and Blood

The Story So Far

Centuries ago, the Children of the Sun had an empire powerful enough to challenge Alera. Very little was known about them even during the height of their power and less still is remembered today. What most people do know is that they were fiercely protective of their territory. They never took prisoners alive; enemies were slaughtered without mercy upon the battlefield and anyone caught within the boundaries of their land was treated with the same ruthlessness.

On the eve of their defeat, the Children of the Sun retreated deep inside the Feverthorn Jungle before disappearing from the world forever. They left behind a series of ruins in the Feverthorn Jungle, as well as an unknown force which has kept Alerans out even centuries after their extinction.

A few weeks ago, lights were seen emanating from deep within the jungle and a pathway leading inside revealed itself. The first expedition inside was due to return 10 days ago and now a second one is being put together.

Your mission: Find out what happened to the first expedition and if possible, what has caused the strange activity in the Feverthorn Jungle.


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